3 Things To Know About Your Travel Professional

Worth reading. Many people are surprised when I tell them my customers/clients are travel agents. “Travel agents?” they say. “I thought they were all gone.” Far from it. In fact, with the destinations that Ya’lla Tours USA sells any person who books on the info they see on the internet is just nuts. Ya’lla Tours does not solicit from the general public, and has been in business since 1993, in Portland OR. http://www.yallatours.com #YallaToursUSA

Romance Travel By Shannon

Back in the day (not that I am that old wink wink)  travel agents were basically the only way people were able to book airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and vacations.  Storefront agencies were all over.  People would walk in, sit at the desk and tell the “agent” they want to go to (fill in the blank with your favorite destination).  Then the travel agent would get up and go to the “brochure rack” and  hand them to the client to look at. They would book airline tickets and PRINT them , call up Disney world or a Cruise line to book the reservations.  This was kind of like going to a “record” store and buying a new album.  Wow, have times changed.
Fast forward 25 years, the internet is here, there is an APP for everything.  There are people out there that have never heard of a travel agent!  There…

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