Saving String Cheese…. A Special Report from Appleton, Wisconsin

It is not often that I face a cheese emergency, and in Wisconsin, cheese is…well.. the streets are lined with cheese; that is why people come from all over the world, to munch on it, all while taking in that great “dairy air”. 

After a seminar, and into several visits, I had taken a little package of string cheese with me from a box lunch at the presentation. 

But…it’s hot up here — for Wisconsin. Maybe 80 degrees or close. 

My tube of string cheese turned to cheese juice. 

And I was hungry. 

And didn’t want to stop. Or drink my cheese. 

There is no 911 number for cheese emergencies.  Wisconsin, hello?!

However, there was the air conditioning in the car.  And little directional slats in the vents, just perfect string cheese-sized, in fact. 

A few minutes and the cheese emergency was solved.  

This would not have worked for Wisconsin’s other favorite food: brats. 


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