Israel Update from Ronen Paldi, President, Ya’lla Tours USA

Ronen Paldi, President, Ya'lla Tours USA
Ronen Paldi, President, Ya’lla Tours USA

Dear colleagues and partners in travel, Last week we sent you an Israel update and I promised you another, so here, it is – First and foremost, the response to our last update from hundreds of you by phone, email and Facebook was overwhelming. Thank you for your personal care about my family and friends, who are all doing well, and thank you so much for your support of Israel. I just finished a call with a pastor currently leading a pilgrimage in Israel. He told me that the Galilee is sunny and peaceful and the entire group is looking forward to their arrival in Jerusalem next week. During their touring, they have seen many other pilgrim groups. He told me that, as pilgrims, they travel faithfully and fearlessly in God’s care. It only reiterates what Ya’lla Tours, as well as the Israel Ministry of Tourism, keeps saying, that, in spite of the difficult images we all see on TV, life in Israel, including tourism, remains almost normal. Many of you have asked me what I think of the situation. My view is not that important; as an Israeli, I’m subjective and support Israel 100%. It is clear to me, as well as to almost 90% of the Israeli public, that this is a justified military operation, one that was needed after 14 years of constant shelling from Hamas in Gaza to Israel. We don’t like to see the devastating images that come from Gaza of children, women and other innocent victims of this conflict. If not for Israeli anti-missile technology, we would see similar images coming from Israel. More than 2,700 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel in the last 24 days. Israel is paying a high price with the blood of its best soldiers to end this threat to innocent Israelis. I am constantly monitoring the Israeli media and they all predict that we are in the last round of this battle and in the next few days, as talks are being held in Cairo, this will be over. The day after is the day that those of us in the travel industry who want to show our support of Israel can do so in the best way we know how: sell travel to Israel. I want to thank you all for your continued support of Israel and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ronen Paldi, president Ya’lla Tours USA


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